Video Poker Strategy

Given that video poker isn’t precisely a luck-based game, you can use specific strategies to beat the machine. Namely, video poker offers excellent winning odds. Therefore, some strategies can drastically increase your chance of winning and even help you cut into the house’s mathematical edge. 

Video Poker Strategy

However, implementing video poker strategies requires some skills and knowledge. Experienced players can benefit from it. New players, on the other hand, should gain more experience before using a strategy or trying to create one of their own. Hence, if you’re new to the game, you may consider playing free video poker to practice. 

Nonetheless, some tips and tricks can help both newbies and professionals. For example, choosing the right game and online casino is crucial. Also, it’s important to understand video poker rules and different game variations. Once you cover the basics and gain experience, you should start seeking your own strategy that suits your playing style. 

How to Create a Custom Video Poker Strategy?

Once you get familiar with video poker games and learn all the rules, it’s time to determine your expectations and goals. Of course, you shouldn’t base your playing style on hopes and dreams. There are more real factors to consider – for example, your bankroll. 

The amount you’re willing to spend on a video poker game has the most significant role to play in creating a video poker strategy. If you prefer responsible gaming, you should always set a limit for yourself. Logically, you should stick to that limit no matter what. 

Thus, a wise player will base a strategy based on that limit. If it’s pretty low and you’re playing for fun, you should always keep the cards that will grant you a win. Even though that win may be insignificant (e.g., a high pair that pays out 1:1), you’ll get to play the game for longer. Also, you’ll avoid throwing your money away for nothing.

Setting a Goal

There are other goals you may set for yourself. In the previously mentioned scenario, you seek to play for longer and avoid grave losses. In the next one, you’re determined to get a high-paying hand. So, you’ll discard a pair that grants you a win to keep three other cards that may turn out to be a royal flush. 

Note that this is something that high rollers can afford to do. As you can imagine, you stand a pretty low chance of hitting a royal flush. Thus, your odds of getting anything at all become low. 

So, the only right way to play video poker is the one that suits your possibilities and expectations. But first, it’s essential to strike a balance between those two. If your bankroll is low, it’s a pretty bad idea to go for nothing but high-paying hands. You’ll only end up with zero money on your balance, in addition to a high level of anger and frustration.

What Is a Video Poker Strategy Chart and Why Do You Need One?

A video poker strategy chart may help you make the right moves in the right situations. Even though it’s a bit confusing, you may benefit from using it. Strategy charts are perfect for beginners who are still learning how to play the game. 

However, video poker also has a bit to do with intuition. So, even though math may be of help, you should also allow yourself to think outside the box. In many situations, instinct can be much more useful than mathematics and probabilities.

Do You Need a Video Poker Strategy App?

Additionally, some players prefer using video poker strategy apps. They are available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, meaning you can find many different video poker apps for various devices. Some of them are simply called “Video Poker Trainers”.

Whatever they are called, these apps help you boost your video poker playing skills. Basically, you can learn the best thing to do by training on video poker strategy apps. The mechanism that stands behind the app determines what the chances are you draw the cards you need. Hence, it tells you what to discard and hold. 

So, the video poker strategy app may help you gain some skills, especially if you’re a beginner. However, it can also make the game boring. Thus, you should install an app if you want a perfect chance to gain some skills. However, if you’re only interested in fun and excitement, these apps may not be suitable for you.

Advantages of Using Strategies When Playing Video Poker

Overall, video poker strategies are useful tools to use during the game. They can help you in numerous ways – to stay in the game for longer, enhance your odds, and learn how to play it better than before. Since video poker is as lucrative as it is, you can gain many benefits by simply implementing a strategy.

Simultaneously, you can always develop a strategy of your own. Given that you’ll base it on your personal expectations, possibilities, wishes, and goals, a unique strategy may be even more helpful than an app or a chart. You can check out more articles on to learn more about video poker, which can help you create the best possible strategy. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with using such tools for training and practicing. Video poker has a lot to do with skills. Thus, you should certainly make sure to gain some before placing real-money bets. And the apps that can calculate your odds and, accordingly, give you instructions will bring your skills to a much higher level.

Generally, it’s crucial to make a balance between the need for fun and money. As long as you stay cool-headed, you can get the most out of the video poker machine. However, you should also make sure to have some fun while doing so. Thus, you can achieve both by gaining the ability to make the right decision at the right moment, control your money-spending, and play a game in a way that suits your needs and desires the most.