How to Win at Video Poker: Tips & Tricks

Did you know that some video poker games have a house edge of 0.5% or lower? Accordingly, video poker is among the most profitable casino games you’ll find online. What’s more, getting a royal flush (hitting the jackpot) can make you a millionaire overnight!

Nonetheless, not all video poker games are the same. For that reason, players should first learn how to tell between a lucrative video poker game and a lousy one. Additionally, there are some tips and tricks that can help you win. So, keep reading this video poker guide and learn how to enhance your odds of winning!

How Do Video Poker Games Work?

Video poker games differ depending on the design and the payouts. However, almost all of them have one thing in common – they are based on five-draw poker. Luckily, this poker game is as simple as it is exciting to play. 

Upon starting the game, you should select a suitable bet size. Then, you’ll get five random cards when you press the “deal” button. Depending on what you got, you should either keep or throw away some of the cards. For example, if you have three random cards and a pair of tens, you should keep that pair. 

In addition, you may discard the other three cards and draw. The machine will randomly provide you with three additional cards. The new cards can either help you get a stronger hand (if you get, let’s say, one more ten) or not.

Once you discard and draw cards, the game will reward you with a specific number of credits according to the paytable. Then, you can start the new round. 

Video Poker Winning Tips

Even though it’s simple, video poker requires some skills. Firstly, players should be familiar with the game, rules, hand-ranking system, and payouts. When you master the game basics, you can try implementing a video poker strategy. That way, you’ll stand a greater chance of winning. However, note that nothing guarantees you a profit. 

Choose the Reliable Online Casino

The Internet is filled with many reputable venues that offer poker games. However, there are also scams. Illegitimate online casinos are those that lack a valid license. They are typically predatory venues that you should give a wide berth. Hence, make sure to learn about the reputation, license details, safety level, and such before creating an account. 

Pick the Best Video Poker Machine

A typical online casino holds several video poker games. To choose the best one, it’s crucial to do some research first. Video poker machines have different payout systems. Luckily, they always outline the payouts, meaning you can quickly get informed. Also, make sure to understand all the rules before starting the game. 

Play for Free First

If you want to win at video poker, you’re supposed to gain some skills and experience first. Considering the number of casinos that offer free video poker, you’ll find a suitable game to play for free without issues. You should take advantage of it and practice. Once you gain some experience, skills, and confidence, you can start playing for real. 

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses may take your gameplay to a higher level and enhance your odds of winning. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss a chance to claim them. Nevertheless, getting to know bonus rules and conditions is necessary. Bonuses are usually subject to wagering requirements, and various games contribute differently towards it. Hence, make sure to learn the rules of a specific casino bonus before using it on video poker. 

Play Responsibly

To get the best possible experience, you should play responsibly. Getting carried away won’t get you anything, but money loses. So, it’s critical to learn how to play video poker and manage money wisely. Setting the limit for yourself and learning how to stop at the right moment are some useful tactics to implement. If you gain control over the gaming session, you’ll get the most out of video poker.