Is Video Poker Better Than Slots?

Many gamblers claim that video poker is a better alternative to a slot machine. However, this depends solely on your preferences and expectations. Both casino game genres have their pros and cons and can be pretty fun to play. Simultaneously, they can deliver a tremendous amount of money. 

Hence, these two games are similar in several aspects. Nonetheless, they provide a different experience. And if you’re not sure which one to choose, read on. This video poker guide will help you decide which of these game genres suits you better.

Differences Between Video Poker and Slots

Video poker and slot games differ in terms of gameplay and payout rates. Accordingly, they require diverse skills and knowledge. Slots are more about luck, and video poker is about decision-making. In addition, slots deliver bigger jackpots, but video poker offers better payouts.

Thus, gamblers who prefer luck-based games will go with slots. On the other hand, video poker is ideal for players who want to have more control over the game.


The slot features a specific number of reels, usually three or five. The reels feature a variety of symbols of different values and functions. In the beginning, a player’s supposed to place a bet and spin the reels. If you hit a winning combo, you receive more coins. If not, you don’t. 

The things that make slots more exciting are special symbols and features. For example, the scatter symbols, if the game has them, unlock features like free spins. Thanks to such features, a slot game can be pretty rewarding (and fun).

On the other hand, video poker machines aren’t that random. Once you select the desired bet size and start playing, you’ll get five random cards. However, you then have the option to discard or keep some of them and draw some more. The way you play the game matters much more than the cards you receive in the beginning.


The RTP differs from one slot or video poker game to another. Nonetheless, you’ll have an easier time finding a video poker game that has an RTP of more than 99%. Slots, especially at land-based casinos, can have an RTP of 90% or less. 

In addition, a video poker machine can even deliver more money than it took. Some video poker games, mostly those that feature progressive jackpots, can offer you a bigger chance of winning than the house has! Such games can have an RTP of 102%. Admittedly, this situation rarely happens at a casino, online or land-based. There are only a few games that let you cut into the house’s mathematical edge, and video poker is one of them!

Decision Making

Slot games work with the RNG chip. The random number generator ensures fair play. Thanks to this chip, the outcome is always random. Hence, every player gets an equal chance to win. That way, the casino provides fair play to everyone.

On the other hand, in a video poker game, your decision-making matters. And when it comes to slots, the situation is much different. It’s impossible to take control over the slot machine. The RNG makes it impossible for you to affect the outcome.

On the other hand, poker is mostly about making the right decision at the right time. Players can use numerous video poker strategies to enhance their winning odds. So, even though the machine will randomly deal you cards, what you do next is of crucial importance. 

How to Choose Between Video Poker and Slot?

If you still haven’t made up your mind on whether video poker is better than slots, you can always play demo game versions. Various gambling platforms have free video poker and slot games. So, you can check both of them out without risking any money. After all, you need to try out different casino games to find the ones that suit you the most.